bram de looze
Bram De Looze is a Belgian pianist whose distinct musical vision has found its way through both solo piano projects and collaborations with internationally acclaimed musicians. De Looze's unique technical skill and musical maturity have earned him considerable critical praise and respect from his peers, as his music spotlights his far-ranging interests throughout his continuous quest for artistic depth, momentum and freedom. In his teens De Looze made his entrance to the European scene with LABtrio, a collaboration with bassist Anneleen Boehme and drummer Lander Gyselinck.After having spent one year at the New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music in New York, De Looze launched his first international 7-piece band 'Septych' (Clean Feed Records 2015). 

De Looze currently plays with internationally renowned musicians such as Joey Baron (MiXMONK – Baron / De Looze / Verheyen), Stéphane Galland (The Mystery of KEM feat. Ravichandra Kulur) and with multiple improvisation ensembles led by Dré A. Hočevar (Coding of Evidentiality, Verso Doxa).These collaborations have taken him throughout the world to perform at cultural institutions, music venues and celebrated festivals.

His solo career took off with Piano e Forte (2016), a project for which he approached historical instruments from a contemporary perspective combined with the integration of non-equal tuning systems. The switch to the Chris Maene Straight Strung Grand Piano for 'Switch The Stream' (2018) indicated a renewed search for movement, evolution and introspection. Infusing the sound with non-equal tuning stands out even more in his newest solo chapter, 'Colour Talk' (2020). It continues this trajectory with another revolutionary piano model, and a continued attempt to renew from within.      

Discography Bram De Looze :

Bram De Looze - Colour Talk (2020 Sdban Records Ultra - N.E.W.S.)

Bram De Looze - Switch The Stream (2018 Outhere Music - Outnote Records)

Bram De Looze - Piano e Forte (2017 Outhere Music - Fuga Libera)

Bram De Looze - Septych (2015 Clean Feed Records)

Joey Baron, Bram De Looze & Robin Verheyen - MiXMONK (2019 Universal)

LABtrio - Nature City (2017 Outhere Music - Outnote Records)

Stéphane Galland - The Mystery Of Kem (feat. Ravichandra Kulur) 
(2018 Outhere Music - Outnote Records)

Stephanos Chytiris Flux Project - PYR|N (2014)

Dré Hocevar - Coding Of Evidentiality (2015 Clean Feed Records)

Dré Hocevar - Collective Effervescence (2016 Clean Feed Records)



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